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Lunch Menu


Locally smoked Nordic salmon, crisp salad, herb mayonnaise.

Shrimp boil with lemon and aioli, served w/ freshly baked bread

Medium fried, beetroot, pickled red onions, capers and horseradish

Butter fried fish meatballs, salad, cranberries, remoulade sauce and lemon.

Flounder fish filet – fried and poached. Butter toasted bread, hand picked shrimp, pickled red onion and tomato mayonnaise

Creamy chicken salad, crispy salad, horseradish and crispies


Medium fried. Brioche bun, herb mayonnaise, pickled vegetables, and crispy fries


Variation of passion fruit, crispies and creamy sorbet


Three types of cheese from Arla Unika, w/ garnish by chef’s choice

Forest berries and cream, burned white chocolate, and vanilla ice cream