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From 17:00 – 21:00

Our concept

1 course – 215,-

2 courses – 282,-

3 courses – 349,-

4 courses – 416,-

Something to start with?

Jalapeno crispy pork crackling – 35,-

Salted almonds – 55,-

Varm falafel with safran mayo – 35,-

Today’s cocktail + snack of your choice – 100,-


Mushrooms ragout, butter toast, North Sea cheese and herbs

With lotus root, sesamayo and salted

Creamy fish soup, poached fish, herbs and truffle

Inner thighs of beef, crisp lettuce, freshly-cut horseradish, capers, red onions,cornichones. Served on buttered bread.

Main course

Small potatoes, Hollandaise, cranberries, spring onions, lemon and herbs

Filled leeks served with variety of cauliflower and sauce on fried cockerel

Spice butter, crisp salad, sauce bearnaise and french fries

Coarse mash, red wine sauce, pickled / pumpkin / cranberries and herbs


Good coffee, hand whipped cream and 3 cl. tullamore

Coconut mousse, coconut ice cream and sauce passion

Forest berries and cream, burned white chocolate, and vanilla ice cream

Three types of cheese from Arla Unika, with garnish by chef’s choice

Variations of raspberry, chrunch, and sorbet


French fries, remoulade, ketchup & veggies

French fries, remoulade, ketchup & veggies


French fries, remoulade, ketchup & veggies



Vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet, fresh berries and crispies