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From 17:00 – 21:00

Our concept

1 course – 215,-

2 courses – 282,-

3 courses – 349,-

4 courses – 416,-

Something to start with?

Jalapeno crispy pork crackling – 35,-

Salted almonds – 55,-

Varm falafel with safran mayo – 35,-

Today’s cocktail + snack of your choice – 100,-


Hollandaise sauce, peel-self shrimps and fresh herbs.

Pickled cream, marinated pear, dill oil, herbs

Sea cooked shrimp with lemon and Aioli

Carpaccio of beef w/capers, salted almonds, truffle mayo and parmesan

Main course

The waiter informs each day, when the menu has been decided.

Small potatoes, Hollandaise, cranberries, spring onions, lemon and herbs

Creamy risotto, fried cockerel breast, baby vegetables and lots of parmesan

Spice butter, crisp salad, sauce bearnaise and french fries


Good coffee, hand whipped cream and 3 cl. tullamore

Strawberry mousse, vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce

Forest berries and cream, roasted white chocolate, and vanilla ice cream

Three types of cheese from Arla Unika, with garnish by chef’s choice

Crispies, variation of passion fruit, sauce and sorbet


French fries, remoulade, ketchup & veggies

French fries, remoulade, ketchup & veggies

French fries, remoulade, ketchup & veggies



Vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet, fresh berries and crispies